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Broward License     

LIC# 13-LESC-18611-R

Miami-Dade License     

LIC# 13E000160

DOM-1200SC Screw Head Camera


DOM-1200SC Screw Head Camera

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This color wireless security camera appears to be the head of a screw and is meant to be placed on a wall, ceiling, or similar location in order to blend in with the decor. Video is generated by a 1/4" color Sony DSP CCD image sensor. Range is 1000 feet (304.8 meters) line-of-sight.

1/4" color Sony DSP CCD video sensor

4.3mm pinhole lens


Resolution: 380 horizontal TV lines

Minimum illumination 1.0 lux

1.2GHz signal

2 channels: 1160MHz, 1200MHZ

100mW output

Range: 1000 feet (304.8 meters) line-of-sight

Operating time: 2 hours

Kit includes transmitter pack with built-in rechargeable battery, charger, receiver & adapter, audio/video cable.


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