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DOM-CEXT Exit Sign and Hidden Camera Combination


DOM-CEXT Exit Sign and Hidden Camera Combination

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This Exit sign and hidden camera combination makes a great covert surveillance system. The security camera is placed inside an EXIT sign and is meant to be placed near an exit/entrance route. Video is generated by a 1/4" color CCD video sensor that provides an excellent image. The EXIT sign lights up just like a non-camera equipped sign.

1/4" color DSP CCD video sensor

3.6mm optical glass lens

Resolution: 420 horizontal TV lines

Effective pixels:

NTSC: 512 x 492 (251k)

PAL: 512 x 582 (297k)

Minimum illumination 0.3 lux

Auto-electronic shutter

Auto-gain control (AGC)

Video output: 1Vp-p composite video / 75 ohms

Power : 12VDC (110mA)

Video/power cord combination included.

Working (illuminated) EXIT sign. There are several alternate versions of this camera. Contact us for information on availability and pricing if you are interested in any of the following:

A monochrome (black-and-white) version with a minimum illumination of 0.1 lux. Model DOM-EXT.

A monochrome version with low light capability (0.003 lux). Model DOM-EXTX.

A color, high resolution version with 480 lines resolution and 0.1 lux minimum illumination. Model DOM-CEXTH.


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