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LIC# 13-LESC-18611-R

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LIC# 13E000160

Remote Controlled Relay Timer Plus Module & Keyfob Control


Remote Controlled Relay Timer Plus Module & Keyfob Control

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The keyfob and auxiliary control unit, when clicked, operate an on-board relay that contains a normally open (NO) and a normally closed (NC) switch that change states for a few seconds when the control is asserted. The relay can operate maglocks, electronic door locks, and any of a number of items. The transmitter has a built-in battery and the receiver board runs on 12VDC. The remote controlled relay can handle AC or DC power. A versatile remote control unit that can be used for access control, door control, and other uses. Runs on 12VDC Programmable Fast and easy - erase old lost pass codes and learn new codes quickly with built-in learning function Removable wall mount module Handy keyfob personal transmitter Power: 12VDC @ 200mA (Power supply not included.)


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