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LIC# 13-LESC-18611-R

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LIC# 13E000160

Doorbox and CCTV Video Controller


Doorbox and CCTV Video Controller

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Viking Door Entry Doorbox and Paging Controller allows single line phones or phone systems to share a phone line with one or two doorboxes or paging amplifiers. It provides two Touch Tone controlled relays to operate door strikes or gate openers and provides door-box triggered CCTV camera switching.  Features:

• Doorbox triggered CCTV camera switching 

• Custom ringing mode allows you to distinguish doorbox calls from Central Office (C.O.) outside line calls 

• Call waiting tones indicate which doorbox is calling and distinguish a doorbox call from a C.O. outside line call 

• Calls can be placed on hold when visitors call from the doorbox or when paging 

• Two Touch Tone controlled N.O. or N.C. dry contact closures (5 amp rating) for door strikes or gate openers 

• Keyless entry / postal lock input 

• Built-in talk battery for “No C.O. Line” applications 

• Auxiliary contact output for doorbells, cameras, lights, and more 

• Compatible with Viking doorbox models: 

• W-1000 

• W-1000-EWP 

• W-2000A 

• W-2000A-EWP 

• W-3000 

• W-3000-EWP 

• W-3005 

• W-3005-EWP 

• Analog PABX/KSU station mode allows compatibility with a single Viking handsfree phone (E-10, E-20A, E-30, K-1700-3 or 1600A Series) 

• Compatible with the Viking Single Line Paging Controller Model SLP-1


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