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Broward License     

LIC# 13-LESC-18611-R

Miami-Dade License     

LIC# 13E000160

Single Entry Phone Controller


Single Entry Phone Controller

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The C-200 allows a single line phone or phone system to share a phone line with an entry phone. Tenants may answer an entry phone call and converse with the visitor. 


• House phones ring with Central Office (C.O.) outside line cadence or distinctive ring when the entry phone “Call” button is pressed 

• Provide entry phone activated chimes and whole house paging when used with Viking Model SLP-1 or SLP-4 Paging Controller 

• Produces double “Call Waiting” tones if the entry phone is activated when the house phones are already on a call 

• Add door strike capability with the Viking model RC-2A Remote Touch Tone Controller 

• Tenants may call out to the entry phone for monitoring purposes. Auxiliary contacts are provided to operate a doorbell, or activate a camera, lights, and more 

• Compatible with the Viking Entry Phones: 

• E-10A 

• E-10A-EWP 

• E-20B 

• E-20B-EWP 

• E-30


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