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LIC# 13-LESC-18611-R

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LIC# 13E000160

Surface Mount Handsfree Phone Line Powered Entry Phone


Surface Mount Handsfree Phone Line Powered Entry Phone

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Surface Mount Handsfree Phone Line Powered Entry Phones designed to provide two way handsfree communication. 


• Alternate action call button to place or cancel a call 

• Intelligent call progress detection for automatic hang-up on CPC, silence, busy signal, or time out 

• Telephone line powered 

• Weather resistant features: mylar speaker, gaskets, internally sealed push button switch, UV stable exterior, enamel coated PCB 

• Adjustable microphone and speaker volume 

• Programmable maximum call length 

• Selectable auto-answer feature allows remote monitoring 

• Programmable VOX (mic/speaker) switching speed 

Enhanced Weather Protection Option:

Includes weather-sealed trim pots and DIP switches, a special rubber microphone boot and a mylar speaker with a rubber gasket acting as a primary shield against water penetration. If required, face plate gaskets are provided to further eliminate water infiltration. All connections are hand soldered to eliminate corrosion, and the connections at the push button switch and microphone are also hand sealed using a special non-corrosive electronics grade flexible silicone sealant. The entire circuit board is "potted" in a flexible urethane encapsulating material, leaving the weather sealed field-adjustable trim pots and DIP switches accessible for on-site programming. The flexible urethane sealant allows the circuit board and its components to expand and contract, while maintaining weather resistance. To protect the tip and ring connections, special connectors filled with anti-corrosive sealing gel are included.


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